Evaluation for Hearing Aids

Do you suspect that you might need a hearing aid? The first step is a professional hearing evaluation. Our SoundGate team will start a case history to determine how your hearing impacts your day-to-day life and the lives of your family. We’ll ask fundamental questions about your general health history and get to know you. Then, you’ll have a hearing assessment!

Analyzing Your Hearing Test Results

Your hearing assessment helps our professional staff understand what sounds you hear and which ones you may be missing. Testing results allow us to make the best treatment recommendations, including hearing aids!

Our SoundGate team.

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Hearing Aid Recommendations

If your test reveals permanent hearing loss, it might be time to try hearing aids. At this appointment, you will usually get to see, hold, and try a few different hearing aids! 

From there, our SoundGate staff will help you choose the best hearing aid style, features, and level of sophistication based on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and financial circumstances. Some hobbies and occupations may benefit from various hearing aid styles or features. You’ll fill out a questionnaire to assist during the evaluation process. 

The final purchase decision is your choice, but our team is happy to make recommendations based on your needs.

At SoundGate, we offer you complete hearing care to provide the best listening experience possible. After ordering your selection from the manufacturers, we program them to meet your specific needs. Then, we continue to adjust settings over the next couple of weeks and work towards an optimal result. 

After your hearing aid evaluation, it’s time to learn more about our hearing aid styles.