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Latest Hearing Health News

An enhanced diet helped reduce hearing loss in mice with the genetic mutation most commonly responsible for childhood deafness, new research suggests. The study found that an antioxidant regimen of beta carotene (precursor to vitamin A), vitamins C and E and magnesium helped slow progression of hereditary deafness in the mice with a connexin 26 gene deletion. Mutations in this

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In a study published online by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Annie N. Simpson, Ph.D., of the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, and colleagues compared the costs of healthcare for a matched group of privately insured individuals with and without a diagnosis of hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss affects more than 60 percent of U.S. adults older than 70

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In February, the World Health Organization declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern about the recent outbreak of the Zika Virus Disease. Within one week of the WHO’s declaration, the Center for Disease Control issued its highest response (Level 1) activation, due to the growing number of Zika cases recently reported. The reported cases consist of individuals who contracted

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A RUB study demonstrates: in many countries, hearing screenings of newborn infants are inadequate or are not performed at all. Whereas an early diagnose is crucial in order to treat the disorder successfully. Tests immediately after birth Prof Dr Katrin Neumann's study demonstrates that developing countries in particular are lagging behind in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairments. As

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Hearing loss is the third most common chronic illness for older adults. It can impact everyday life and can significantly affect a person's health and safety if gone untreated. Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. However, in 2005 more than 325,000 hearing aids, less than four years old were unused according to a previous study in

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